5 Healthy Habits to Start in the New Year with Fiona Simpson

POV: You've decided to start working on yourself in 2022.

AYBL are here for all the help and advice you need, and there's no better way to kick off the new you than hearing 5 healthy habits to start in the new year with online fitness coach, Fiona Simpson. As she says, " I think simple lifestyle changes are so beneficial for our lives as drastic changes are often the ones we can't stick to. So here are some little changes you can make to improve your life and make yourself feel like a healthy happy queen!!". 

Sleep. The first habit you should be starting in the new year is, figure out a sleep schedule that works for you! Sleeping seems simple, but it is extremely underrated. According to Premier Health, eight hours of sleep is a good baseline for most adults, therefore, having a sleeping pattern and a wind-down routine is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep allows our bodies to rest, recover and re-set for the next day ensuring our mental and physical energy is ready to go to work, socialise with friends and workout keeping our body and mind fit. This is an amazing habit to start in 2022, make it your goal to ensure you are averaging 8 hours sleep because in the long run it will benefit your well-being once you find the sleep schedule that works for you! 

Positive Affirmations. Get on the positive affirmation hype in the morning! All it takes is 3 little sentences, takes no longer than 5 minutes each morning and it sets you up in a positive mind frame for the rest of the day! I have recommended this tip too many individuals, and they have always said how beneficial it is to them all. For that reason, I would recommend getting yourself a funky journal and putting it beside your bed so that you can start your morning with these affirmations! This is a healthy habit to get into for long-term confidence, happiness and positivity as it develops a better relationship your mind and yourself

Workout Schedule. Develop a workout schedule that works for you. Moving your body is something that not only helps our physical health, but it helps our mental health too. Exercise is something we can all do in different ways, so why explore the different kinds of exercises out there to see which one you enjoy. There is ‘no size fits all’ when it comes to fitness, so whether it is a 30-minute Yoga class every couple of days, an intense run in the park, a walk with the family or a gym session, you can alter it to fit your lifestyle. Exercise is all about making it work for yourself, do it for you, not for others.

Social Media Limit. Social media is a wonderful place, but it can be damaging when you spend hours scrolling. Instead of this, I recommend finding something you like to do in your spare time, it can be something you’ve wanted to try for a while. Maybe it's something artsy that relaxes your mind, a book you’ve been meaning to read or exercising your brain by learning a new language. These things help us escape from the world and spend some time in our own company, as we all know social media is a highlight reel and not real life.

Prepare your days in advance. It can be extremely overwhelming having all of the tasks you need to complete in a day continuously running through your head. Whether It is when you are sleeping or when you wake up and it automatically cause stress/anxiety. Well, the answer to these problems is, plan. If you write a to-do list every night and book in every event or task you need to attend or complete, then you know exactly how your day is going to pan out. Planning can calm things down in your head helping you take each thing as it comes.

I hope you take on at least one of these healthy habits in the new year, these are small things you can implement in-to your daily life, making you feel healthier and happier in the long run!