Easy Halloween Costumes You Can DIY With AYBL

Nobody likes spending a ton of money on an outfit they’re going to wear once - although, admittedly, we’ve all done it! So, here’s your reminder that what you wear on Halloween doesn’t have to be super expensive.

Halloween is in just four days (or less if you plan on celebrating over the weekend), so if you’re still trying to figure out your costume, you really need to get a move on. 

Good job we’re here, right?

Clever, funny, and just flat-out genius, our easy DIY Halloween costumes don’t require a ton of work - or money, for that matter. In fact, all you need is your trusty AYBL pieces, some Halloween makeup and basic craft supplies, and you can totally pull these off.

We’ll hand you over to AYBL Athletes Neeny and Lucy to show you exactly how it’s done.



Dressing up as a devil may not be the most original costume out there, but in our Balance V2 Collection, you’ll undoubtedly feel fa-boo-lous. 

Neeny wears:

Balance V2 Seamless Sports Bra in Dusty Rose.

Balance V2 Seamless Shorts in Purple Wine.


Speak of the devil! This version, which features our matching Balance V2 Set in Rumba Red, red wings and devil horns, definitely makes a statement. 

Neeny wears:

Balance V2 Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top in Rumba Red.

Balance V2 Seamless Leggings in Rumba Red.


Want to look simply heavenly on Halloween? Dress up in all white, pop on some feathery wings and you’ll be good to glow. 

Neeny wears:

Balance V2 Seamless Sports Bra in White. Try our Essential V Neck Sports Bra in White as an alternative. 

Balance V2 Seamless Shorts in White. Or our Define Shorts in White are just as good.

Halloween Costumes Using Clothes From Your Closet


Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about in this cute, but clever easy DIY halloween costume.

Neeny wears:

Balance V2 Seamless Sports Bra in Spiced Orange.

Balance V2 Seamless Leggings in Spiced Orange. 


You’re guaranteed to be feline good on Halloween when you don our Black Balance V2 pieces, pointy ears and some whiskers. 

Neeny wears:

Balance V2 Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top in Black.

Balance V2 Seamless Leggings in Black.


If you’re going for a cool-girl vibe this year, then Lara Croft is your gal. Slip into our form-fitting Core Set in Olive and some combat boots and you’ll have all eyes on you.

Neeny wears:

Core Sports Bra in Olive.

Core Shorts in Olive. Not got your size? Try our Pulse Ombré Seamless Shorts in Khaki.



Halloween Costume Ideas Using Clothes You Already Own


These two are easy and can be done with your favourite black AYBL set and minimal extras. Better yet, pair up with your bestie to be the ultimate ‘cops and robbers’ duo. Because let’s be honest, Halloween is 10 times better when you get to share it with your BFF.

Lucy wears:

Reflex Seamless Sports Bra in Black.

Reflex Seamless Shorts in Black.


There are many reasons why dressing up as a bunny on Halloween is a good idea. Firstly, you’ll obviously look adorable, but more importantly, you can re-use your costume for Easter too. Just saying…

Lucy wears:

Evolve Speckle Seamless Sports Bra in Coral Pink.

Evolve Speckle Seamless Leggings in Coral Pink.


Talking of cute Halloween costume ideas, this one really is as sweet as honey.

Lucy wears:

Pulse Ombré Seamless Sports Bra in Yellow.

Pulse Ombré Seamless Shorts in Yellow.


If you want to make an effort, but also save some serious cash, these last minute Halloween costumes are evidence that an impressive look is easy to make yourself. 

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