Empower: Build A Better You


Nowadays, simplicity can easily be overshadowed by advanced designs and futuristic tech.

But often, the most simple things in life offer the greatest pleasure. Empower being one of them.

Soft, seamless and sculpting, Empower gives you unrivalled quality and fit, so you can work your way through every rep of every set confidently and in full focus. 

Its subtle marl design incorporates fabrics that offer maximum breathability and flexibility for a feeling of freedom as you train, and is met with refined body-contouring detailing - giving you the confidence to take on the toughest of sessions. 

Want to learn more about our upcoming collection? Here’s what you need to know…

AYBL New Drop | Empower


Designed with your progress and the best results in mind, Empower captures everything you could ask for from your activewear, in a new and improved fabric.

From its timeless appeal, authenticity and understated look and feel, it encapsulates everything you love about our seamless collections… just modernised with a few tiny improvements. 

But what’s changed?

Super soft and stretching easily with every pull, push and press, our all new fabric perfectly balances ease of movement with a gentle compressive feel, so you can continue to reap all the benefits.

The snug waistband on the leggings has been shortened to offer a mid- to high-rise fit, so there’s no more having to fold the darn thing over because it came up to your chest. We’ve mirrored this adjustment on the sports bra, making it shorter in length following feedback from our community.

What else?

We’ve altered the contour detailing on both the shorts and leggings to create a more defined, scoop-like shape, so it really - and we mean really - accentuates where it matters most. Add in our new and improved scrunch bum detail and you can guarantee that you’ll be attracting attention from all angles. IYKYK.  

While these improvements are all well and good, that’s not to say everything has changed… Sweat-wicking, squat-proof and form-flattering, these are the small, but essential details we will never compromise on.

Women's Seamless Activewear


Made for the toughest athletes, Empower comes in four styles that will spot you whilst you’re maxing out on the squat rack and keep you focused when you’re logging miles on the treadmill.

  • Empower Seamless Leggings
  • Empower Seamless Shorts
  • Empower Seamless Sports Bra
  • Empower Seamless Crop Top


We’ve embraced modern tones in a big way, exploring a variety of six tonal colours that can be paired seamlessly together, mixed and matched or built out with your key monochrome staples from collections, such as Balance V2 or Motion.

  • Black Marl
  • Grey Marl
  • Olive Marl
  • Red Marl
  • Blue Marl
  • Brown Marl

Marl Fitness Wear For Women

When you’re putting in overtime, you deserve nothing but the best - which is why we’ve taken the steps to make Empower the best gear in the game.

Expect a form-flattering fit. Anticipate new and improved fabric changes.

Launching 6th April, 7pm BST.