How To Host A Halloween Party

Sound the alarm because it’s officially the season for endless treats (and, hopefully, no tricks). 

That’s right, guys and ghouls, Halloween is right around the corner and we think almost everyone can agree that October is one of the most entertaining months of the year. 

From tasty treats to spook-tacular costumes, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween party ideas because the pressure’s on and you’ve got guests to spook.  

So, if you’re fully ready to get your scare on, here’s how to host a Halloween party that is truly thrilling.

Halloween Party Ideas For Adults


Invitations are a lot more important than you think. Not only do they help you avoid a no-show, they set the mood for the party long before it even starts.

Whether you choose to get crafty and create your own or simply print them out (we won’t tell if you don’t), a greeting card is the cutest way to call out your theme.

Don’t forget to include any important details, like where to go and whether guests should dress up or not - spoiler: they most definitely should! It’s basically the first rule of any Halloween party, right?


If you’re committed to immersing your guests in a full Halloween experience, then every detail counts. That means decorations galore.

From pumpkins and banners to that wildly realistic cobweb decor that seems to get everywhere, making your party space as creepy as possible is key. 

But we know party decorations can get expensive, and fast. So, if you’re looking to save a few pennies, you could have a go at making them yourselves or even try a local charity shop. Candles are another easy way to keep things ‘moody’ without breaking the bank. 

Adult Halloween Party


There’s one thing that is guaranteed to keep your guests happy and that’s food. 

Halloween is the one day of the year when ‘unappetising’ food is actually considered exciting - the possibilities are endless! You could make some spider biscuits, spaghetti and eyeballs, pigs in blankets disguised as severed fingers, and so much more. Don’t forget chocolates, sweets, the lot!

Top things off with a boozy punch bowl - extra points if you serve it in a cauldron -  add some food-grade dry ice to create a fog-like effect and you’re good to go. And since it’s cold, it’ll also work to keep the drinks chilled. Game-changer! 


Everyone loves a spot of healthy competition, so take things up a notch by holding a competition for the best dressed. You could create small prizes for the scariest, funniest and most original costumes. 

Nowadays, Halloween isn’t just about causing a fright, it’s an opportunity to bond with your besties and dress up in some iconic looks. That could be anything from Daphne and Velma to the Powerpuff Girls! Whatever your vibe, Halloween is always 10 times better when you get to dress up!

AYBL Guide To Halloween Party Ideas For Adults


So, you’ve got the decorations, food and costumes sorted, but what about the music?

No Halloween party is complete without some eerie music to set the mood. Think classic hits like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’. 

Once you’ve established your themed soundtrack, all that’s left to do is hook your phone up to a speaker and dance until dawn.

Don't have time to make your own playlist? We've done the hard work so you don't have to. Check out our very own Halloween playlist here.


Keeping guests entertained can feel a little daunting, but with our fa-boo-lous Halloween party ideas, you’ll no doubt be crowned the true Hallow-queen. 

You could go back in time with Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Game or stick with party favourites, like Cards Against Humanity and Incoherent. It’s such an easy, fun icebreaker moment for anyone and your guests will definitely thank you for it.

When you’re done with the games, you can even put on a little movie marathon - Halloween themed, of course. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all thrills and chills. In fact, there’s plenty of ways to inject a bit of haunted humour with a cute Halloween movie, like ‘Bewitched’ or ‘Hocus Pocus’.

Halloween Party Ideas With AYBL

This Halloween, be the hostess with the mostess and get ready to delight your guests with a Halloween party that is truly to die for.