Mission Possible: The Donation Reveal


Throughout the month of March - together with some incredible young athletes - we’ve been campaigning to promote equality in sport and encourage women around the world to realise their full potential. 

As part of this, we launched a limited-edition collection of tees to raise vital funds for Women’s Sports Foundation, who work to expand access and opportunities for women and girls in sport.

In less than one hour, our tees hit zero. 

We can’t put into words how grateful we are to everyone who got involved this year, including our female community, our athletes, and of course, you.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Thanks to your generosity and support, you helped us to raise an exceptional...

Mission Possible Donation Total

That’s £16,165 going straight to Women’s Sports Foundation to help them extend the amazing work that they already do and to support more and more women like you. 

Once again, we are truly overwhelmed by the love and support you have given Mission Possible! We will forever hold this month close to our hearts.

But don’t let the end of International Women’s Day be the end of this movement.  

Making fitness accessible and enjoyable for every woman still stands - and those goals you set? They still stand too.

Stick at it and make yourself proud!