Achieve with AYBL: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what it’s like to be behind the scenes at one of our brand events? Read on for your exclusive look at how our first IRL event came together!

You may have read our previous blog post ‘Achieve With AYBL; Our First Event’ (if not, we recommend getting up to speed), we talked you through the day and all the fun and fitness activities that took place.

The day was full of selfies, smiles and smoothies that kept up those energy levels of all the attendees for the hardcore the workout classes and photo sessions. Together, our female community was able to unite and celebrate their individual passion for all things fitness and of course AYBL! The energy from the event was incredible and we wanted to share with you a full behind the scenes of the event in our new YouTube video;



Achieve With AYBL has been an event to remember - make sure you keep an eye out for more events coming soon!