The Gorgeous Girls Guide to Galentines Day

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls celebrate Galentine’s day with their besties!

If you’re looking to live your best life but don’t have a partner to romance with this year, don’t worry, you could spend time with your bestie instead! Get yourselves motivated and pick-up matching work-out fits before doing a pair workout session at the gym.

If you didn’t already know Galentine’s Day is this weekend (13th of February) and to kickstart this day of celebrating your friendships, we’ve planned out the perfect day for you to make your friends feel special and we have even chosen a few of our favourite sets that would be perfect to mix and match with your besties. Who needs to get all dressed up for a fancy meal when matching cute sets with your gal pals is so much better! 

You could go with Motion Seamless in Pink and Balance V2 in Dusty Rose.

Or even Balance V2 in Rumba Red and Motion Seamless in Peach Marl.

Or would you choose Speckle in Raspberry and Balance V2 in Purple Wine?

Once you’ve chosen the set that makes you feel the cutest, you can head out and get some brunch to fuel your body ready for the day! There’s nothing better than having a gym buddy, so why not try this full body paired workout with your bestie?

  • Start with 20 kettlebell swings
  • 12 sit ups passing a medicine ball between you both
  • 15 goblet squats with a dumbbell
  • 10 burpees
  • Finish with a 1-minute plank

Do 4 rounds for the ultimate burn! A full body workout can be intense, but a friend by your side can be the right motivation you need. 

The day doesn’t need to finish there! A chill night could be the perfect end to a perfect day. Watch your favourite chick flicks like Mean Girls, Clueless and The Notebook, have a sing-along to your favourite songs and have a pamper - grab some face masks, paint each other's nails and anything else that makes you feel good. Nothing beats a night in with your girls - gossiping, eating good food and simply enjoying each other’s company.

All that really matters is that you spend the day having fun with your girls and doing things that make you feel the most special because it’s what we all deserve! Relationships may come and go but we all know we can always rely on our girlfriends to be the rock we need in our lives.