Find Your Reason: Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to come behind the scenes of one of our incredible campaigns? Well, luckily for you, now you can! 

That’s right, girls, you’re officially invited to delve into the depths of our Find Your Reason Campaign and unlock exclusive insider info about how we brought our International Women’s Day 2022 celebrations to life.

AYBL: International Women's Day 2022

To kick off the campaign, we invited Frankie, Hannah and Gemma down to our HQ to discover more about them and their fitness journey.

We can confidently say, it was an absolute delight to meet the girls and, in fact, we even had the pleasure of meeting Hannah’s loveable support dog, Rex! 

Once the girls got settled in and had the chance to catch up with one another, we brought them down to our very own studio to begin shooting the campaign. This entailed plenty of smiles and giggles which we truly loved to see!

IWD 2022: Find Your Reason With AYBL 


Comfies on, music playing and brew in hand, our Brand Team caught up with each of the girls one by one to ask them what motivates them to get active and why they were initially inspired to pursue their sport. 

From challenging themselves to wanting to improve their skills, Frankie, Hannah and Gemma really set the bar when it came to sharing their reason. Not that we’re complaining, of course! After all, our campaign was built on empowering our female community and inspiring them to Find Your Reason and we think it’s safe to say, they certainly did that.

We also chatted about their long-term goals, which included wanting to compete at the Paralympics and the Commonwealth Games, as well as encouraging more women to re-engage with sport. We have no doubt that these girls have exactly what it takes to achieve their goals and the same goes for you too! It’s about time you realised your full potential!

Watch the full video here.


As you’re probably well aware, a big part of our campaign was, of course, the FREE Limited Edition Tees!

Thanks to all your love and support, our entire collection sold out in less than an hour - we were truly blown away!

We can’t put into words how grateful we are for all of your donations. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you!

Because of you, we can help SportsAid to support talented, young athletes progress in their sport and work towards achieving equality in sport. Pretty special, right?

Keep your eyes peeled on our Community page for the donation reveal…👀

We hope you enjoyed our behind-the-scenes look at our Find Your Reason Campaign as much as we did! If that’s anything to go by, you’re definitely going to want to stick around for the next one.