AYBL: How To Celebrate International Women’s Day

How To Celebrate International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day, ladies!

This year marks the 111th anniversary of International Women’s Day and in true AYBL style, we’re kicking off the celebrations with a BANG!

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But as we all know, there’s a lot more to International Women’s Day and we want to make sure you’re a part of it. After all, you deserve celebrating! If you’re not quite sure how to show your support on International Women’s Day, we’re here to help. From bigging up your girl gang to celebrating your own achievements, discover how you can get involved right here, right now.



Send a personal message to your friends, family and work colleagues to show them just how much they mean to you. After all, International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and there’s no greater feeling than being reminded how amazing you truly are. 



Get in the celebrating spirit with some feel-good music created by some of the industry’s leading ladies. From Beyoncé to Dua Lipa, whatever you fancy, this is guaranteed to bring endless positive vibes. 



Girls, we want you to remember that celebrating YOU is just as important as celebrating the other women in your life. Besides, you’re pretty incredible to say the least!

No matter how big or small, we want you to big up your own achievements and give yourself a well-deserved round of applause. 

Next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself you are worthy, you are powerful and you can do anything you put your mind to. 



Fitness and sport is a big part of AYBL and it is our mission to unite women through their love for fitness.

Unfortunately, sport is still deemed a male-dominated field and it is reported that women only receive 4% of sports media coverage. So, if you’re keen to help make a difference this International Women’s Day, why not take to social media to give your favourite female athletes the recognition they deserve? You could share one of their posts or even drop a comment about why they inspire you.



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Give a little more this International Women’s Day 2022 and make it a celebration to remember! After all,
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Don’t forget to show yourself some TLC because remember, girls, you matter too. Not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.