Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you need to, recharge?

I know that we have all had them here at AYBL, a day where you want to sit on the couch, walk your dog, spend time with your family or have a breath of fresh air. It sounds like heaven doesn't it!

Introducing AYBL’s new 'RECHARGE' Limited Edition Collection. This is a whole different side to AYBL you haven't seen before and we are super thrilled to finally be sharing it with you, we can already feel the excitement building....

Our new collection is available in 4 colours: Black, grey, pink and beige, perfect for a Mix and Match situation. We are releasing two 3-piece sets within the limited-edition range and trust us; you're going to want both in your wardrobe!

3-Piece Ribbed Seamless:

Our new seamless collection consists of a soft-touch seamless low support sports bra, alongside, our first ever 1/2 zip crop top, paired with our high-waisted flattering ribbed seamless leggings. The go-to outfit for relaxing and taking a well-deserved break from your workout schedule and look FIRE doing it. We can call it your, ‘Active rest day’ fit, perfect for an outing with your family, shopping spree or a casual walk in the park with your dog!

3-Piece Cut & Sew Ribbed Knit:

Ideal for lounging on your couch and looking fierce doing it, our new cut & sew ribbed kit consists of a soft-touch seamless bralette, our high-waisted relaxed fit joggers and cropped regular sized hoodie. A simple but effective style, all ready for your perfect lounge day.

Rest days are extremely important in your gym schedule, it is time for you to give your muscles and brain the recharge they need in order to prepare for their next workout in a couple of days. This new collection is our way of expressing the normality of including rest days in your fitness schedule and to ensure you will look incredible when taking them. As you know, AYBL will always have your back in making sure you look your best when choosing your fit for the day.

This is your chance to refresh, relax and recharge with AYBL.

The Limited Edition will be available from Tuesday 7th December, 7pm.