Sock It Up

Socks up or socks down? That is the question.

Now that leggings and hoodie season is back, it’s about time that we got to the bottom of a very important (and somewhat controversial) question…

Do leggings belong tucked into socks?

Well as trivial as it may be, this topic has caused somewhat of a divide across the nation. But love it or hate it, pulling your socks over your leggings, or even joggers, is a popular way of bringing that ‘fashiony-feel’ to your workout ‘fits. There’s a reason athleisure is still one of the most-loved trends…

So, while making a fashion statement with their gym ‘fit isn’t for everyone, if you’re wondering how to style the socks over leggings trend, you’ve come to the right place.


This may not be a question that has crossed your mind before, but it really is worth considering. 

Aside from the important deets, like offering comfort and providing breathability, socks have the power to make or break an outfit. 

Sounds strange, but whether you love to bare your ankles or wear your socks pulled way up over your leggings, we’ve got you. 

Socks Over Leggings


We love to get behind the trends that you’re loving and one we’re particularly happy to see is the socks over leggings trend. There’s something about throwing on a pair of leggings and tucking them into a thick pair of socks that just makes you feel so cosy and snug. Not to mention it hits the cool athleisure vibe right on the mark.

All it takes is a pair of crew-length socks, like our Everyday Back Stripe Crew Socks, teamed with leggings and a hoodie, and the transition from gym-ready to casual chic is instantaneous.  



Nothing is quite as iconic as the original sporty look.

An essential for as long as we can remember, trainer socks remain a key part of our sock collection to this day. Who knew that showing just a little bit of ankle could be so flattering? Talk about legs for days! 

Plus, it goes without saying that it’s a lot cooler. It’s probably why it’s such a firm favourite in the world of fitness. Besides, there’s no judgement here for not wanting to show your socks! 


So, what do you reckon, girls? Do leggings belong tucked into socks or not?

Whatever your preference, it’s definitely a trend that has taken the fitness community by storm.