The Best Gymwear Styles Based On Your Workout

We get it, girls, finding the right activewear style for you can feel like a workout in itself. From squat-proof fits to sports bras with and without padding, the world of gymwear can feel a tad overwhelming.

Which is why we’re here to give you a little helping hand to ensure you can find your perfect fit every time. The key? Consider the demands of your workouts. Do you need extra flexibility? Is comfort your priority? Looking for something that provides unbeatable support? Or are you all about performance?

Whether you’re looking to find your calm with a spot of yoga or elevate your endurance to the next level, we have all the styles you need to keep smashing it - and the best part? With AYBL, you never have to compromise. Confidence, comfort, support, we do it all.  


For those of you who prefer a calmer environment and a less-intensive approach to your workouts, our Flow Collection is waiting for you.

Perfectly balanced and seamlessly designed, Flow is our first yoga-inspired collection and entails a number of delicate designs elevated with endless flexibility. 

Each of the collection’s elegant designs feature feminine details, including cut outs, a supportive wrap front hem and a twist back detail, to provide you with the perfect measure of comfort and support needed to Find Your Flow.

Best Gymwear For Yoga: Flow Collection


If making gains is more your thing, you absolutely need (repeat, need!) to shop our Balance V2 Seamless Collection

Designed with an ultra soft, yet compressive fabric, this collection offers complete freedom of movement, rep after rep. Featuring shape-enhancing details to inspire confidence, our Balance V2 Seamless Collection is bound to make you feel strong and lift strong every time you wear it.

Best Gymwear For Weight Training: Balance V2


Are you the type of girl who picks cardio over weights every single time? If so, our Training Collection has your name written all over it.

Engineered to provide support in all the right places, this collection is the very best of reliable activewear, making it a must-have for your high-intensity workouts. Although, if we’re being perfectly honest, it’s a staple for just about any workout. Endurance training, low-intensity, your first gym session, you name it!

Complete with mesh panelling to keep you cool from start to finish, our performance-focused collection has comfort and style in the bag. It’s a no brainer!

Available in four staple colours to empower your workout game, we’re convinced Training is about to become your new favourite.

Best Gymwear For High-Intensity Workouts: Training


Okay, so the idea of doing a HIIT session is, quite frankly, your worst nightmare. But that’s okay because there are plenty of other workouts out there that are far less demanding, yet equally rewarding.

For this, we recommend our staple Core Collection. Created with an irresistibly soft fabric that feels as good as it looks, this collection holds the key to unlocking your full potential.

From staple tees to figure-hugging leggings, our Core Collection has all the essentials you need to feel confident with every move. Not only that, but with plenty of beautiful colourways to choose from, you can even mix and match, so that you’ll never be short of choice. What more could you want?

Best Gymwear For Low-Intensity Workouts: Core


As with all of our collections, our Motion Seamless Collection is designed with your comfort and flexibility in mind.

We’re all about inspiring confidence and empowering you to smash your workouts and this collection is certainly no different. Created using a high-performance, ultra flattering and stretchy fabric, you’ll be wearing Motion on repeat for every session, no matter the workout.

So, if you love working out and looking good whilst you’re doing it, make Motion your go-to. Besides, it’s a female community favourite for a reason…

Best Gymwear For All Workouts: Motion

Whichever style of workout you love, we’ve got the perfect 'fit. Not to mention, our styles not only make you look good, they make you feel good too. 

So, grab your AYBL fit and take your workouts to a whole new level.