The Power of Music: Energising Playlists for Every Workout

What fun is a workout without your favourite music blasting in your ear? Whether it’s for training weights or cardio, if you’re needing some inspo for summer playlists that make working out even more fun, here are some of our favourites.

1: Your Gym Or Mine?

We’d be lying if we said having a gym crush isn’t sometimes half of the fun - and what better than some romantic beats to fuel your delusions even further? After all, you need motivation for that summer bod to come from somewhere.

2: Life’s A Peach

There’s no better motivation to get those squats in than an upcoming holiday. Make every rep a breeze with our booty-popping tunes.

3: Hot Girl Summer

If you’re looking for a playlist that you can take straight from the gym to the club, look no further than our Hot Girl Summer playlist. Fantasising about your future nights out whilst on the treadmill can be all the motivation you need.

4: You’re Run-believable

Run the world with this upbeat running playlist. Our favourite beats will help put that extra pep in your step and make even long runs feel a breeze.

5: Summertime Flex with Gracie Collis

Fitness influencer Gracie Collis collates her favourite workout tunes in this upbeat summer playlist. Put your headphones in and get into holiday mode with these mood-lifting songs.

6: Flex On Them

There’s no better feeling than a subtle flex at the gym.. elevate that high even further with our top flexing tunes. Fun, pop vibes that’ll make the treadmill feel like a catwalk.