What You Need To Pack For A Holiday

The season to catch flights (not feelings) is here and to help you make the most of your vacay, we’ve done the hard part of compiling your holiday checklist, so you can fully focus on bagging your fave summer ‘fits

Oh and there’s also the small matter of how to fit it all into your suitcase, of course, but let’s worry about that later… 

Believe it or not, girls, packing for a holiday is all part of the fun - especially if this is the first time you’re jetting abroad since before the pandemic. 

So, whether you’re hoping to take some time out with your SO or are prepping for your long-awaited girls holiday, we’ve got your holiday packing list covered. Because there’s nothing worse than spending hours deciding on what clothes to bring only to realise at the airport that you’ve left something vitally important behind - like your passport.

Keep on reading to discover exactly what to take on holiday.

What To Take On Holiday


If there’s one thing you absolutely cannot afford to forget, it’s your travel documents. Make sure you have your passport and any other travel documents to hand. We’d also recommend making a copy before you travel just in case anything goes missing. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting to the front of the check-in queue only to realise you’ve misplaced your boarding pass.


It goes without saying that travel money should be at the top of everyone’s holiday checklist. Even if you’re planning on using your card abroad, it’s always worth keeping some currency and change on you for cash-only situations, like a cheeky cocktail or mocktail on arrival. 

You may wish to check your bank’s policy about using your card abroad beforehand, so you’re not caught with any surprise fees.


Need we remind you that your phone and charger are among the most important things to pack for holiday? Besides, how else are you going to take those all important holiday pics? Don’t forget you’ll also need the relevant plug adaptor for your destination.

If you’re heading on a long-haul trip, you’re going to want to save plenty of room in your hand luggage for entertainment. We’re talking headphones, tablets and/or laptops. If you want to be extra prepared, we suggest downloading a few films or episodes from your favourite series beforehand. 

Holiday Packing List


When you think of summer holidays, the first thing that springs to mind tends to be white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. It’s what we live for!

And no beach trip would be the same without some gorgeous swimwear. Are we right or are we right? So, make a splash this summer and show off your beautiful bikini bod that you’ve worked so hard for. It’s like we’ve always said, those superset sessions are worth it in the end.


As tempting as it is to take your entire wardrobe with you, it’s just not feasible, girls. Your suitcase has a limit after all, so only pack clothes that you’re certain you’ll wear. Think cosy and cool - the last thing you want is to overheat when you step foot off the plane.

Our Crop Tops and Shorts Collections house a range of cute and cosy attire that is guaranteed to have you jetting off in style. From beautiful brights to pretty pastels, there’s something for every kind of jet setter. 


Talking of holiday attire, comfies are equally important too and should, without a doubt, be on your holiday packing list. 

Perfect for travelling in, our Hoodies and Oversized Jumpers will have you feeling all kinds of snug. Pair with your favourite AYBL Leggings or Joggers for the ultimate comfort-combo. 

Whatever your style, our comfort-first ‘fits are sure to turn heads at the terminal and provide enduring comfort during those day-long excursions. 

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Holiday Checklist


While most hotels will provide the basics, it’s always better to be prepared and pack according to your needs and skin type. Here’s a few holiday essentials we suggest packing in your suitcase:

  • Deodorant and fragrance
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Cleanser, toner and moisturiser
  • Sun cream and aftersun 
  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Makeup and makeup remover
  • Face masks


Don’t let your medication be an oversight. Make sure you get any prescriptions before you travel and ensure you have enough to last for longer than the duration of your trip. That way, if you get delayed or stuck abroad for longer than expected, you won’t be left short. 

It’s worth taking some paracetamol and ibuprofen too - just to be on the safe side. 


Last but by no means least, it’s always a good idea to add books and magazines to your holiday packing list. Besides, there’s nothing like relaxing by the pool, soaking up the rays with a feel-good book in hand. Holidays are all about escapism, after all! 

And the best part - it gives you all the more reason to spend a few extra minutes (or hours) topping up that golden glow.

Holiday Essentials

Now that we’ve covered what to take on holiday, it’s time to put your packing skills to the test. Because while we can help with what to put in your case, unfortunately, we can’t help with fitting it all in. Sorry, girls. Just think - lightweight, but practical!