5 Tips for Staying Active in an Office Job

Being stuck at a desk all day can take a toll on our physical health and overall well-being. However, with a little creativity and intentionality, it's possible to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle even in an office job. 

Here is our advice on effective strategies and simple adjustments you can make to incorporate physical activity into your workday and boost your energy levels.

  1. Prioritise Movement Breaks: Set reminders to stand up and stretch every hour, take short walks during lunch breaks, or have walking meetings with colleagues. These small breaks increase activity levels and improve productivity.

  2. Incorporate Desk Exercises: Try discreet exercises like seated leg raises, calf raises, or desk push-ups. Engaging your core by sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair is also beneficial. These exercises maintain muscle tone and keep you mentally alert.

  3. Opt for Active Commuting: Consider walking or biking to work. If commuting options are limited, park farther away from your office or get off public transportation a few stops earlier to incorporate extra walking into your day.

  4. Utilise Lunch Breaks: Use your lunch break to engage in physical activities such as brisk walks, fitness classes, or yoga in nearby parks. This not only gets your body moving but also leaves you feeling refreshed.

  5. Embrace Desk Ergonomics: Make adjustments to optimise your workspace ergonomics. Adjust your chair height, position your computer screen at eye level, and consider using a standing desk or adjustable desk converter. These changes promote better posture and encourage subtle movements.
Don't let your office job hinder your active lifestyle. By implementing these simple strategies, you can incorporate physical activity into your workday and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Remember, small changes can have a big impact on your overall well-being. Stay active, stay productive, and thrive in your office job!