8 Fun Facts About AYBL

Here at AYBL we have taken the fitness world by storm, offering something for everyone, whether you’re an athlete or just love to workout in our best-selling gym gear! If you have followed us for a while you might think you already know everything there is to know, but here are 8 fun facts about AYBL that you might not know. 

  1. The name ‘AYBL’ originated from the word ‘ABLE’.

  2. AYBL was founded in 2018, starting in our founder's living room.

  3. We have recently moved into our 4th office, a massive 62,000 sq ft space, our largest yet and most modern if we say so ourselves!
  4. Our Balance V2 Seamless Black Leggings are our best-selling product.

  5. In 2022, we were ranked the UK’s No.1 fastest growing company in The Sunday Times Hundred.

  6. Our team has grown exponentially - from 3 members of staff 3 years ago to 60 today.
  7.  With over 1,200 different products, we're delighted to offer a vast selection that our community loves.

  8. We are proudly part of AYBL Group, which includes our sister brand Because of Alice (BOA).
Explore the exciting world of AYBL and be part of our fitness revolution. Together, let's embrace the power of fitness. AYBL to believe. AYBL to achieve!