Behind The Collection: Velocity


With less than a week to go until the launch of Velocity, we caught up with our in-house Design Team to discuss the inspiration behind the collection. 

Because who better to shine a light on our newest range than the very girls who brought it to life?

As with all our designs, Velocity has been thoughtfully created with our female community in mind. Prioritising performance and comfort, Velocity is the perfect blend of fit and function.

So, if you want to feel good and perform better, as well as discover all there is to know about our upcoming launch, stick around. 

Performance Wear For Women | Velocity


Evolve Speckle and Evolve Camo are two of our bestselling collections, so we wanted to create a new innovative pattern that would create a similar level of excitement amongst our community. 

Our female community is always at the forefront of our mind during the design process, so it was important to us that we create something that still aligns with them and our brand.

Equally, we wanted to design something that is impactful and is different to any of our other collections - we really wanted it to stand out and we think Velocity does exactly that.

Wavy, abstract prints are really popular across the fitness space at the moment, so this is where we got our initial inspiration from. As a team, we then took a lot of time to consider how we could make it unique and also seamless, as our seamless styles are our most popular. From there, we developed a range of artworks until we found the perfect fit. After all, we settle for nothing but the best.Activewear For Women | AYBL Launches Velocity


Usually, we only create three core pieces, including leggings, a sports bra and a long sleeve crop top. But this time round, to give our community more options, we’ve developed a six-piece collection, comprising of our:

  • Velocity Seamless Sports Bra
  • Velocity Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top
  • Velocity Seamless Crop Vest
  • Velocity Seamless Crop Top
  • Velocity Seamless Shorts
  • Velocity Seamless Leggings

Perfect for summer, we really wanted to go all out with this collection, so that our community is never short of gym ‘fit options. Besides, you can never have too much AYBL, right?

AYBL Newest Arrivals | Velocity


It goes without saying that we had to include a Black and a Grey colourway, as they’re always our bestsellers. 

But with summer in full swing, we wanted to incorporate some brighter hues to add a pop of colour to our community’s wardrobe. This also allowed us to experiment with some new colours that we’ve never really tried before, which is really exciting.

For a bold and bright look, our Turquoise is perfect, while our Purple colourway is super fiery! Our Coral is completely different to anything we’ve done before and we just know it will look great with a tan!

Women's Gymwear | Velocity


This collection was all about the pattern and we knew we wanted to create something that was unique, energetic and bound to attract attention. 

A lot of time and effort went into developing it, as we wanted it to be just right - impactful, yet not too garish. From the pattern, came the name Velocity. Both are a representation of electricity and energy and it’s certainly one to remember.


Velocity is very much a performance-focused collection. However, just like any other of our collections, Velocity is just as much about making you feel good, as it is helping you to perform better. 

We always want our community to look and feel their best and with Velocity, you can do just that and stand out. Because rest assured, you will definitely have all eyes on you when wearing this ‘fit.

While Velocity is primarily designed to power your performance, it will support you through any and every workout. It’s the perfect all-rounder! So, whether you’re lifting, running or prepping for a spin class, Velocity will support you every step of the way.

The Best Gymwear For Women | Velocity


Our Velocity Seamless Shorts feature a mid-thigh length fit for added coverage and support. This makes them that little bit more unique compared to our Evolve Shorts - which is great if you’re looking to switch things up. 

We’ve also enhanced the waistband construction on each of the styles. Our designs tend to have a ribbed waistband or hem, but our Velocity styles are designed to scoop you in at the waist and provide added support. That way you can focus on your performance without having to worry about your activewear sliding down or riding up - plus, it’s incredibly flattering. What more could you want?

AYBL Velocity Collection

As you already know, we’re big fans of bold prints and when it comes to summer especially, we love to make a statement. And nothing makes a statement quite like our all new Velocity Collection.

Get ready to workout with confidence and elevate your performance to new heights.

Launching 28th June, 7pm BST.

Pssst… Want early access? Bag our Velocity Collection before anyone else at our AYBL X LDN pop-up store. Find out more here.